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Creating an Effective Online Review Management Strategy for your Practice

February 12, 2022 - Parul Saini, Webmedy Team

In today's business and economic environment, it is important to stand ahead and for it, you need to manage your online review management system. In this Internet age, online reviews are an important part of any business, it is necessary to maintain a brand's image, which directly affects sales.

Reviews can also offer you an opportunity to identify flaws in your business or operations. In turn, they can inform your brand messaging and marketing strategies. You must have heard Reputation Management, this is a larger umbrella terminology for maintaining the consumer's perception of a brand. This includes social media, search visibility, review marketing, and generation strategies as well, but review management is a key element.

If you want to be more active in managing your brand reputation, then a review management strategy in place is an essential first step.

Wanna know how you can create some good review management strategies? Keep on reading.

Because online reviewing is so prevalent, it's normal to be concerned about what people might be saying about you - and whether it's tarnishing your name. Many who seek strategies for online review management do so because they're hoping to delete or mitigate negative reviews. So, what can you expect from an online review management strategy?

Main Points to focus for creating an Online Review Management Strategy

  • Encouraging positive reviews on popular sites like City Search, Yelp, Angie's List, Google Reviews, Facebook, and Merchant Circle through focused customer outreach, but without bribery.
  • Have a protocol in place for monitoring and responding to online reviews.
  • Removing negative reviews when possible (if they violate terms of service or promote legitimate falsehoods, are the most common acceptable grounds for removal. If the reviews are negative and truthful, your strategy will need to be more proactive).

How and Where to Collect Reviews?

There are many different types of reviews on the Internet, and each of these reviews can have an impact on your business. As such, you should know where to search and what to look out for when perusing the Web for reviews about your business.

  • Social media Sites

    Although people often don't leave full-on reviews on social networking pages, these sites make it easy for satisfied or completely unhappy customers to quickly let all of their online friends know exactly what they think about your business.

  • Online Blogs

    On the Web, there are entire blogging websites that are dedicated to reviewing products and services. Many businesses may just end up with reviews on consumers' blogs instead of simply on review platforms.

  • Forums

    There are tons of online forums and communities out there, and the people that are involved in these communities often talk about products and services that they have purchased as well as their overall experience with certain companies. As such, there may be reviews of your business on forums all over the Internet.

  • Review Sites

    Some of the most popular venues for consumer reviews are online review sites. As a business owner, you likely know the biggest ones: Yelp, Google, and BBB.org, among others. Each of these sites is designed to make it easy for even less-than-savvy computer users to log on and post reviews about your business.

Dealing with Online Reviews

How should you handle unhappy customers who have left scathing reviews online? What can you do to get more glowing feedback? How can you even begin to know what's being said about your business online? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Closely monitor your reviews.
  • Make negative reviews a positive.
  • Give your reviews a boost.
  • Keep your tone friendly and understanding while responding.
  • When writing a response, personalize it with a name if available, acknowledge what was written, and add remarks if steps will be taken internally.

When it comes to writing online reviews, customers have a lot of power. But with the right tools, preparation, and knowledge, businesses also have the power to change brand reputation positively.

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Stay informed.

Get access to award-winning industry coverage, including latest news, case studies and expert advice.

Success in Technology is about staying Informed!

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