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Why is Digitized Lab Inventory Management so Important?

March 23, 2022 - Parul Saini, Webmedy Team

Lab management is impossible without proper inventory control. Compliance, results, accuracy, and patient safety suffer if inventory control is not maintained. Inventory control can be an effective way for staff members to learn the importance of personal responsibility in lab management and the need for systems and processes that are essential for efficient lab operations. In addition to better inventory control, there are several other advantages. The automation of inventory processes reinforces the importance of inventory control in good lab management.

Benefits of Digitized Lab Inventory Management?

  • Automating Data Entry

    When your lab inventory software is coupled with barcode readers or QR-code scanners (as a mobile app), it reduces the time-consuming and error-prone data entry activities that your staff conduct while cataloging laboratory inventory. After scanning an item's tag, the integrated solution automatically enters all information about that item into your lab inventory management system, eliminating the need to manually fill out any spreadsheet columns.

  • Inventory Tracking in Real-Time

    Lab inventory management solutions save data in secure HIPAA-compliant cloud storage and allow authorized users to view it in real-time as soon as it is automatically input. As a result, they can observe how many lab supplies and samples are currently at a lab or warehouse. This feature reduces the chances of sample loss, inventory shortages, and surplus inventory. Furthermore, real-time inventory tracking allows you to monitor lab workflows in real-time from start to end.

  • Arranging and Anticipating Inventory Demand

    Digital lab inventory systems enable you to set alerts when supplies are running short, allowing you to refill them promptly and avoid halting your lab's procedures. You can anticipate your inventory needs and feel certain about the availability of your lab supplies with an automatic notification system like that.

  • Planned Maintenance of Equipment

    Your digital inventory management app allows you to track items that need maintenance according to their current state and manufacturer's recommendations. An app notifies you when a piece of equipment needs maintenance and assigns responsible maintenance specialists to perform that work. In this way, you can prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Laboratory inventory management software is an important component of any modern laboratory. Those who already use it enjoy the advantages of automated data entry, real-time inventory tracking, planning and forecasting inventory demand, and scheduling equipment maintenance and audits.

As we all know, a doctor in a hospital has many purposes, but the ultimate goal of the doctor is to save a life. To cure a patient, doctors need the assistance of equipment, medicines, and staff. An inventory management system is most important for hospitals and doctors. Their inventory includes medicines so they can provide them to patients and their clean, rust-free equipment makes it possible for doctors to perform surgeries on their patients.

A hospital inventory management system is also helpful to hospital staff. In addition to improving accuracy, it saves time and money. A hospital that manages inventory efficiently can increase profit margins.

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