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See why more doctors and practices choose Webmedy over any other Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform

App interface is great for physicians. The basic system is strong, robust and has some very good features like security and charting templates. You can custom build your own templates or use and/or modify an existing ones. Its advanced customization variables for templates can turn your note taking to just a few check boxes!. Very impressed. Would recommend this product to physicians.
Dr. Karishma Singh, M.B.B.S, MS - ENT
We use Webmedy in all our three office facilities and it works great for us. Our staff is particularly very satisfied and we doctors find its capabilities very impressive indeed. Pricing is very affordable and for the EHR features it provides, its real value for money.
Dr. Jennifer Parker M.D.
Webmedy has improved our relationship with our customers and the patient portal is particularly helpful in engaging with our patients across visits. Webmedy's support staff were always friendly and willing to help every time I would call about issues, and I never had any problem with them.
Dr. Shankar Natrajan, M.B.B.S
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Ease of Use
Features & Functionality
Value for Money

Streamline your Practice

Efficient practice management

Go paperless by using electronic charting, patient scheduling, billing and reporting.

Quickly enter patient data and upload documents.

Easily create patient encounter notes, access critical information, run reports, send invoices and receive payments with intuitive workflows to speed up your productivity.

Automated Reminders and Alerts

Automatically alert patients by sending SMS and email reminders before their appointments to reduce no-shows and maintain a full schedule.

Customizable email and SMS message contents based on your needs.

Engage your patients in a method they prefer (SMS or email).

Automate your appointment alerts and reduce time spent contacting patients. Notify patients of appointment creation, change, or cancellation without making a phone call.

Cloud-based scheduling

Maintain an accurate and up-to-date schedule with cloud-based appointment schedule management.

Check and manage your schedule from anywhere.

Easily view multiple facilities, doctor offices and provider schedules side-by-side to find appointment availability easily.

Let patients book online doctor appointments to help reduce your staff's time on the phone.

Flexible and Intuitive Charting

Smart Charting

Write encounter notes using standard SOAP or your own created note types with custom sections.

Providers can document faster and more accurately using customizable templates.

Minimize data entry with customizable templates that just require just a few clicks on check boxes and lists.

Easily access to patient medical information and system checks to reduce errors help you chart efficiently and provide quality care to your patients.

Better insight for effective decision making

Clinical reports allow you to gain useful insight into EHR data of your patients.

Easily search for patients with a specific diagnose or medication based on ICD-10 code.

EHR Standards

Electronic health records (EHR) with ICD-10 codes for diagnoses and medications.

Search for diagnosis codes by keyword without memorizing diagnostic codes. We make ICD-10 easy.

Easily export patient medical information for easy sharing based on EHR standards.

Boost your Revenue Cycle

Easy Billing

Medical billing software that speeds up payments and frees up staff time with paperless billing.

Easily create and email invoices.

Easily record payments, print and send email receipts.

Easily view billing summary of your patients - credits, balance due, invoices, payments, etc at a glance.

Billing Reports

Review revenue reports for all your practice services, all payments received from patients and identify the various services that are generating income for your practice.

Configurable Billing

Fully customize billing to your needs.

Easily define your billable services, product categories, product inventory, accepted payment types, taxes, etc.

Patient Engagement

Patient Portal

Empower patients with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and willingness to make their health decisions.

With patient portal, patients can access their medical information and can update their contact and billing information, make appointment requests, receive important communications from the provider related to their health condition, communicate with their providers using messaging and conferencing and receive important alerts about billing and appointments.

Patient Engagement

A patient's increased engagement in healthcare contributes to improved health outcomes.

Active communication with patients between visits can build stronger relationship and bolster patient loyalty.

With Webmedy, you can actively communicate with your patients via patient portal, secure messaging and email. By setting up tele appointments, providers can provide care to patients between visits and improve health outcomes.

Your Information is Secure

Best in class Data Security

Deployed in HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure.

Data is transmitted across the internet using military-grade 2048 bit encryption.

Data is stored in highly secure geographically dispersed data centers certified ISO 27001.

Each customer's data is completely isolated from other customer's data and access to data is secured using the highest security standards.

All your data is automatically backed up so you do not have to worry about backups.

Role Based Access Control

Powerful, fine-grained, fully customizable role based authorization rules for controlled access.

Define your own roles and grant access based on role functions and assign users to different roles to allow/disallow access to different parts of the system.

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