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Meet the most loved healthcare platform

Webmedy is changing the way doctors manage medical records and provide services in hospitals, clinics, practices big or small.

Streamline your Office

Manage appointments efficiently and reduce no-shows by sending automated SMS and email reminders.
Let patients book appointments online to help reduce your staff's time on the phone.

Flexible and Intuitive Charting

Easily write encounter notes using standard SOAP or your own created note types with custom sections.
Easily search and record ICD-10 codes for diagnoses and medications.

Boost your Revenue Cycle

Speed up payments and free up staff time with paperless billing.
Easily create and email invoices, record payments, manage inventory and pricing.

Patient Engagement with Patient Portal

Let patients access their medical information and receive important alerts.
Communicate live with your patients using audio/video conferencing.

Access Webmedy from Anywhere

Webmedy is a cloud based platform that you can access from anywhere using any device.

Your Information is Secure

Not only is your data highly secure and completely isolated from other customer's, you can further define fine-grained role based authorization rules to control access for your staff.

Watch this Getting Started Video to see how you can start using Webmedy absolutely for free in less than 10 minutes!

Doctors who use Webmedy love it

"Webmedy is wonderful software and has helped us tremendously. We especially love its powerful authorization mechanism and its note templates."
- Dr. Steve Jacobs M.D.
"We use Webmedy in all our three office facilities and it works great for us. Our staff is particularly very satisfied and we doctors find its capabilities very impressive indeed."
- Dr. Jennifer Parker M.D.

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