Electronic Health Records (EHR)

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EHR with customizable clinical workflows tailored to your needs.

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Medical Summary

A single page Patient Medical Summary of the patient's chart shows you the patient's past medical history, family history, current diagnoses, current medications, allergies and immunizations.
Generate a customizable patient summary pdf report document with a single click.
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Medications & Prescriptions

Easily add medications (with ICD-10 codes) and write prescriptions with a few clicks.
Print elegant prescriptions using your business branding with just a click.
icon encounter note

Flexible and Intuitive Charting

Customizable Encounter Notes -
Enter encounter notes using standard SOAP note types or
your own created note types with your own customized sections.
Reduce data entry in recording encounter notes by importing section specific text from your pre-defined note templates.
icon icd 10 code search

ICD-10 Codes

Searchable database of ICD-10 codes for diagnoses and medications for easy entry to patient records.
icon devices

Easily Chart on any Device

Webmedy's mobile friendly interface lets you easily chart on any device - phones, tablets or PC.
icon patient portal

Patient Portal

Engage with your patients and share medical records with your patients.
Learn more about Patient Portal and Patient Health Records (PHR)

Medical Records (EMR) - Example

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