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How EHR impact a physician's productivity?

December 4, 2019 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

Productivity can be described as a condition, capacity or state of being ready to create, achieve, increase or gather forth goods and services. Well, productivity is the main concern for implementing EHR. In a clinic, productivity means several patients seen during a defined period.

Providing quality patient care is a challenging and cumbersome work without an EHR system. If an unforeseen error appears in a patient's report, it will create an awful impression of your health center. Don't worry!!!.....a cloud-based EHR like Webmedy provides you the ability to maintain patient's records effectively.

So here are some key points about how EHR can impact a physician's productivity

  • EHRs can help you in providing higher quality and better health care.
  • EHR helps you to manage patients efficiently and provides health care for them.
  • EHR provides better management for patients
  • EHR gives specific, timely and updated records of patients.
  • It enables immediate access to the patient's record for more integrated and effective care.
  • EHR enables more safer and reliable prescriptions.
  • EHR helps physicians in diagnosing patients effectively, helps in reducing medical errors hence provides safer patient care.
  • EHR maintains the privacy and security of patient's data.
  • EHRs enable physicians to improve their efficiency and fulfill their business goals.
  • Helps in reducing cost by minimizing paper-work, duplication of testing.

Other benefits of EHR:

Improved collaboration

Information collected by primary physicians can be easily shared, examined by specialists and other team members which results in avoiding duplicate testing, lower care costs hence provide better outcomes.

Efficient documentation of patient's record

EHR helps you in better documentation by using templates for faster data entry.


Provides physicians the flexibility to review tests, view reports, submit prescriptions from outside of his office allows great freedom for physicians and increased the speed of patient care.

Instead of waiting for couriers or rushing back to the offices, doctors will have the flexibility to view the records on smartphones, tablets or desktop from anywhere at any time through internet access.

Efficiently manages the schedule

EHR provides efficient management of schedules as the appointments are managed automatically and ensure optimized utilization of doctor's time and efforts.

Automatic billing and invoices

Manages the billing automatically by creating bills and automatic invoices and sends the invoices to particular patients through emails.

Manages the alerts

It helps in sending and receiving critical alerts about the patient's medical status through emails.

Patient engagement

With the patient portal patient can log into their record, track information and make appointment requests through their portal. Patients receive important alerts about appointments and billing which helps to reduce staff's time.


EHR can improve productivity/efficiency in primary care physician's workloads. Enabling physicians to improve efficiency and better work-life balance.

With the help of technology and changes in health care, EHR can a better option to improve your productivity.

hile the evolution of new EHR technology can be challenging, various actions can be used to enable a practice to rapidly enhance productivity and overall revenue. With advanced technology and the right choice, it comes up with the perfect opportunity for EHRs to make a more connected healthcare experience.

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