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Benefits of patients access to their own EHR data

December 10, 2019 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

Doesn't it look casually foolish that patients have to bounce through hoops to get access to their information?

Are you interested to know the benefits of patient access to health data?

Have a look!

In today's digital world patients are quite addicted to being able to access their information from anywhere in the world, if they are having internet access.

As healthcare is adopting or switching to electronic Health Record and continuously concentrating on improving patient's engagement. Most of the patients leave their data to the physicians; it is a need of changing industry that patients have access to their health records (EHR).

Is it really important to allow patients to access their medical data? And how will they gain access?

Now those days are gone when one had to wait for a call to get their test results or they had to visit health care setting several times to get basics details. Rather they simply log in to their patient portal and check their data.

Engaging patients in their case is an important goal for improving the Health care system. According to the National Healthcare Quality Report of AHRQ in 2008, some Healthcare Outcomes Policy Priorities are:

  • To improve condition, adaptability, safety and lower the health inequality.
  • Involving patients and their families in their medical records.
  • Boost care coordination.
  • Upgrade public and population health.
  • Make sure requisite privacy and security protection for personal health information.

Undoubtedly, engaging patients in their healthcare is meaningful for physicians. At the minimum patient should have:

  • Regular access to their health record.
  • E-copy of their record on demand.
  • Clinical summary for every visit.

How patients can access their health records?

Let's see how patients can be engaged in their cases. Well, there are several ways by which patients can view their data but the patient portal is mostly used.

Patient portals have become reasonably popular in the whole health care industry, with industry people habitually using it. These EHR-portals are a hub for all things patients need and help them to stay engaged with their physicians.

Patient portals achieve this by providing patient access to their data. Patients can have a look at their lab results, prescriptions, health history and discharge summary.

Benefits of allowing the patient to access their EHR

According to the study of the journal of Medical Internet Research, giving full access to a patient?s EHR can improve people involved in their case hence it helps to improve the overall health care experience.

Allowing the patient to access their portal grants patient ownership of their case. This way they will feel more connected to healthcare.

Now patients can receive and send messages, get their appointment fixed, can get their all questions answered fast through a portal. The patient can access their data whenever they want from any part of the world through their smart devices.

One of the main troubles of visiting healthcare is filling out the forms. By allowing access to the system, patients will be able to enter their data securely rather than filling forms before meeting the doctor. This will also save patients time as they don't have to fill out the same medical history form every time they visit the doctor.

Patients will be aware of their health status, hence better prepared for their visit with the doctor. They feel more motivated by seeing their health summary written, this helps them to improve their health condition.

According to patients, checking their portal made it simple for them to fix appointments, and follow up on time.

Of course, there are a lot of benefits of direct patient access to the medical record, Obviously, a trend towards full participation in the medical record by patients is emerging. As technology grows one can overcome issues of sharing the information, the emerging experience towards participating healthcare will speed up.

It's common to have some questions about implementing EHR and switching to the patient portal for your healthcare. So now I think you have a better idea of how the patient portal can help your staff as well as your patients. We live in a digital era, so allowing patients to their data through EHR will surely help you.

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