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What do you understand by Clinical Decision Support System?

December 10, 2019 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

Have you ever wondered about how CDSS delivers patient's safety?

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is a type of software system that helps a physician in decision making by analyzing the patient's data.

CDS (Clinical Decision Support) is not only for physicians or nurses but also for staff, patients and other caregivers.

Clinical Decision Support System can be a standalone program or it can be featured as a part of any Electronic Health Record. It is a Health Information Technology that supports Clinical Decision System.

Clinical Decision systems (CDS) rapidly becoming leading tools for physicians as the volume of data is increasing and responsibility for providing value-based health care is also increasing.

Clinical Decision Support provides person-specific information, filtered intelligently at an appropriate time to the healthcare.

CDS consists of a variety of tools to upgrade decision making in healthcare. These tools have computerized alerts, reminders for patients and physicians, focused patient reports and discharge summaries, templates. Clinical Decision Support systems are designed by different methods. Few of them use machine learning algorithms solely whereas others have a precise knowledge base that works differently by analyzing trend data or other medical data for patients.

Purpose of CDSS

The main purpose of CDS is to aid healthcare, to enable an analysis of patient data and using that information to help in formulating a diagnosis. A CDSS offers information to physicians and primary health care to improve the quality of care they provide their patients. A CDDS tool provides reminders, alerts, recommends care. By using CDDS you can lower your healthcare cost and improve efficiency.

CDS has several important benefits:

CDS offers the right information i.e. evidence-based to the right people (whole healthcare team including patients also) via right channels like Patient portals, EHR, mobile devices at the right time for better decision making and action.

CDSS improves healthcare by discarding unnecessary tests, boost patient's safety and avoids dangerous complications.

CDSS helps in increasing care quality and health outcomes, improving efficiency, reducing cost, increasing satisfaction of patients and physicians.

CDS is a practical health IT component. It needs biomedical information; patient-specific data or a mechanism that combines the knowledge and data to integrate and present useful information to the physicians as health care is delivered. This information is filtered and organized in such a way that supports the workflow of healthcare, will allow staff and physicians in better decision making and to take action quickly.

Errors can occur at any time in healthcare, so it is really important to minimize them as much as possible to offer quality patients care. Three areas can mainly be focused on the implementation of CDSS and EHRs:

  • Prescription errors and faults
  • Negative drug effects
  • Other medical errors

CDSS will be more beneficial when Health care facilities will be 100% electronic. CDSS is a vital tool for efficient and effective quality measurement and improvement because of its ability to aware of healthcare, physicians about current data patterns, and better practices for them and better opportunities.

Additional areas where CDS can help:

  • Determining drug dosing calculations
  • Pick up drug equation guidelines
  • Specific illness can be treated by using severity indexes
  • Alerts templates or order sets for specific diseases
  • Analyze reportable precondition on the basis on EHR inputs
  • Time-triggered reminders are used for medication delivery and dosage changes
  • Analyzing filtered information or education material

CDS tools are more and more pulling artificial intelligence and machine learning to power experienced analytics. Machine learning algorithms can consume huge quantities of data, identifying patterns, hence gives detailed results to the users.

According to Dr. Joe Kimura, 'The volume of information we need to figure out is getting so flawed that it's illogical to assume average physicians to combine of its entire ineffective and reliable decision making'.

If you seriously want to ensure that every individual gets great health care, then you have to ensure that you're facilitated by technology.

The basic idea behind the clinical decision support system is that they assist physicians and staff in the same way as the Enterprise support system helps business experts in deciding on an enterprise. In other ways, the clinical decision support system can be seen as supplying better patient experience and health outcomes.

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