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Interoperability with Google Cloud Healthcare API

March 26, 2020 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

Cloud Healthcare API links the gap between healthcare systems and applications developed on Google Cloud. Cloud Healthcare API combines your information to excellent Google Cloud abilities, involving continue data flow by Cloud Dataflow, expandable analytics by BigQuery, and machine learning by Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

In this journey, you will utilize the Cloud Healthcare API to absorb and prepare data in the industry-standard Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Health Level Seven (HL7v2) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) formats, practice a TensorFlow model for the forecast with FHIR data, and also get practice with de-identification of datasets.

Google's cloud-based healthcare API, invented to promote health data interoperability, is presently in beta.

Interoperability with Google's cloud-based healthcare API

  • Google announced its cloud-based healthcare API allows a controlled resolution for collecting and reaching health data in the Google Cloud Platform, presenting a connection among healthcare systems and applications hosted on Google Cloud.
  • The API provides independent software to interact with one another. It works as a link between applications, enabling data to move, regardless of how each application was created.
  • It also gives the facility to de-identify various kinds of data saved in the service, containing structured medical reports and medical pictures.
  • Google's cloud-based healthcare API promotes HL7 FHIR, DICOM guidelines.
  • HL7 FHIR is an information interchange guideline that blends characteristics of Health Level Seven (HL7) International's Version 2, Version 3, and CDA criteria, while leveraging the newest web rules and implementing a center on implementation, described the HL7 International's website. FHIR can be applied in a wide variety of circumstances, including portable phone apps, cloud interfaces, EHR-based data distribution, and server interaction in comprehensive institutional healthcare providers.
  • DICOM is a data model for managing, saving, publication, and transferring information in medicinal imaging, including a file arrangement representation and web communications rules. The connection protocol is an application protocol that employs TCP/IP to interact between systems. DICOM records can be interchanged among two entities that are able of getting pictures and patient data in DICOM format.

Data is separate, safe, and in your power

Data location is a center part of Cloud Healthcare API. You determine the accommodation area for any dataset from available areas that agree to different geographic regions. Your institution can restrict where data is collected on Google Cloud by Cloud Healthcare API. Cloud Healthcare API duties are combined with Cloud Audit Logs, which allows your company to follow steps concerning your data. By default, regulatory changes to datasets, data repositories, and IAM policies are logged. You can also allow audit logging of item production, alteration, and records inside each data repository. Cloud Healthcare API is created utilizing Google's multi-layered protection strategy that leverages cutting-edge safety skills, including data-loss restriction tools, specific system limitations, strong integrity control, encryption, and numerous more.


De-identification is the method of extracting or obscuring classifying data from datasets so that the data cannot be connected to particular people. De-identification is usually a measure in pre-processing healthcare datasets. It can be a crucial action so that healthcare data can be made ready for review, practice, and assessing machine-learning standards, and distributing with non-privileged individuals while preserving patient privacy. Cloud Healthcare API gives abilities to de-identify various kinds of data collected in the set, helping these useful facts and various others. This involves de-identifying organized medical records in the FHIR setup, as well as medical pictures in DICOM arrangement (both metadata and pixel data).

Key Highlights

  • Dedicated to agreement
  • Open the usefulness of your information
  • Supervised scalability
  • Ecosystem-handy
  • Improved information liquidity
  • Interoperability and standards compliance

Also, Cloud Healthcare API clarifies application advancement and device combination to stimulate digital change and allow the real-time combination with healthcare systems.

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