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How Mobility Solutions are improving Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare?

February 24, 2021 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

If we talk about a few years back, hospitals were a terrifying place for the patients. Discussing with doctors without understanding medical terms was intimidating and quite difficult. But now the scenario has completely changed with time.

As several patients are using mobile and the internet is growing significantly, an increasing number of people are using mobile for entertainment as well as infotainment. The future of healthcare relies on how well we adopt these new technology solutions. In the past few years, many healthcare technologies have been developed such as wireless, wearables, and the Internet of medical things (IoMT) which greatly affect our healthcare system. Moving down more deeply into the field, healthcare professionals will soon discover that patient engagement isn't a single thing, but rather a blend of hardware, software, and services solutions.

A survey via Market Research Engine revealed that "The healthcare mobility solutions market will expand at a CAGR of 28.0% by 2023."

How mobile solutions makes patient care better?

  • Making patient's records go paperless

    Gone are the days when paper records were used, waiting for transaction details, detailed prescription notes. The transformation from paper records to electronic medical records (EMR) is important in moving healthcare IT forward. EMR is stored on a central system from where every physician and healthcare provider can access them from his device regardless of any location.

    The Handy access to patient health data is innovative for medical consultations. Moreover, the physicians can make modifications in the health records, so that the patient's health data regularly remain refresh and updated. Moreover, having an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system can reduce your workloads, appointment scheduling can be automated, and storing patient's health data all in one place.

  • Better Patient Engagement

    Both patient and family engagement in the treatment process enhances the performance of the procedure. Their support is essential to know diseases at the onset proactively. The treatment procedures also become less complex or expensive due to such engagement. Reaching out to patients and giving a better experience for your patients will increase confidence and facilitate communication. A comfortable and safe environment with ready access to important information can decrease confusion and anxiety in a hospital. Customer-friendly remote digital tools improve efficiency and patient engagement.

  • Optimizing Nursing Activities

    To know about staff shift, updated information about tasks, and giving medicines and prescriptions to the patients on time, it all becomes easier with the healthcare mobile app. The app helps is serving the nurses to attend to the patient and provide the utmost care. Mobile apps help nurses to better manage their schedules. The app includes nurses' daily tasks, managing patient schedules, communicating with managers, and setting reminders.

  • Better communication and consultation

    In the hospital, there are multiple locations such as inpatient wards, clinics, outpatient services, labs, intensive care units, Operation Theater, which need to be connected. Mobile apps connect people in hospitals and they can collaborate through text, email, or video call, which simplifies and speed up the treatment process.

  • Perform proper healthcare analytics for insights

    Patient engagement solutions have to be flexible and data-dependent. They have to depend on patient feedback. The data collected includes patient experience, relationships, clinical outcomes, and employee well-being. Specific applications that examine demographic data can add more value. It is best to generate result-oriented improvements from multiple, robust data sources.


To sum up, improving patient experience has become a healthcare priority. Market demands and medical awareness triggered an irreversible transformation. Modern patients prefer getting treated like customers. They expect customized and technologically-advanced healthcare. The hospital industry is also adapting to these dynamic changes. Health professionals can meet patient expectations through deeper engagement. They also have to focus on optimized diagnostics, loyalty cultivation, and technological infusion.

The deep penetration of mobile apps is transforming the way patients are given medicinal treatment in the hospital and addressing all the challenges the healthcare industry is facing. However, the right balance between human and machine usage is also essential. Complete automation is not the key to patient satisfaction. Never ignore patient feedback and always give accurate, prompt, and reliable care. The optimal goal is to have the technology placed and powered to let all connected deliver the best possible care and inspire confidence in patients during their hospital stay.

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