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Benefits of Patient Portal for Patient Engagement

April 22, 2020 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

Patient Portals are a commonly talked-about technology in a doctor's tool area, but how can they utilize the patient portal to increase patient engagement?

According to the AHA report in 2016, 92% of hospitals implemented a patient portal. A survey published during the 2016 HIMSS conference reported, 58% of healthcare experts connect with their patients via mobile-based patient portals. However, a HealthMine survey observed that only 20% of patients use their portals to interact in shared decision-making with their physicians.

Want to know more about how a patient portal can benefit you and your practice? Here is how?

  • Send and receive secure messages

    This efficient way of interacting cuts down on lengthy phone conversations and enables patients to ask questions between appointments. This facility for patients to make appointments and request medicine refill right from the portal boosts the efficiency of your clinical team, enabling them to keep their focus on helping you with the patients who have the most critical care needs and problems.

  • Share important information

    Share information such as clinical reports or educational materials by the patient portal. The ability to quickly access and distribute patient information electronically eases one of the main distresses on physicians' time today. Instead of focusing on what it needs to be in a patient's chart or report, you can solely concentrate on giving high-quality care to your patients.

  • Patients can request prescription refills by the portal

    With the patient portal, the patient can request medicine or prescription refill from anywhere directly from the patient portal.

  • Streamlined Workflow

    Take your time back. Messaging and receiving information through the portal streamlines your workflow and conserves your time. This saves your telephone lines and your office team's time for dealing with more important healthcare needs.

  • Increased patient engagement in and ownership of their health

    Portals give patients more chances to connect with their doctors, transforming the patient-physician relationship closer than ever. This type of bi-directional messaging among patients and doctors can increase patient engagement and satisfaction. Patients involved in an ongoing conversation with their doctors are more likely to take ownership of their health.

  • Build Loyalty

    Ongoing communications by secure messaging can also build strong bonds between patients and doctors, making patients desire to return to the same doctor for future care. Building patient loyalty has clear benefits for doctors while promoting flexibility of care and making the patient feel more satisfied and valuedM. The continuous relationship and communication that happens outside of appointments inspire patients to feel cared for and to remain loyal to your practice.

  • Accurate patient data

    When patients can check their health information through the portal, they can let the practice know about any missing or inaccurate information in the records.

  • Simply send notices to patients

    Using a patient portal enables you to give appointment and payment reminders as well as schedule annual checkups with your patients. This helps preserve time by automating the scheduling process and ensure patients are kept in the loop.

  • Provide test results to patients immediately and securely

    Patients don't have to wait anymore to receive their lab results. Instead, they can quickly log to their system and can get their reports anytime.

  • Have 24/7 access

    Check and reply to messages anytime. Conversely, patients have the freedom of messaging you anytime, outside of office hours. Patients can interact with their doctors at any time. This can save time for receptionists and attendants, notably as the messages appear in real-time.

  • Mobile access is simple

    Providers and patients can reach the portal via smartphones or tablets when not on their desk.

  • Raise your value

    Patients value straightforward access to information and direct interaction that happens with portal use. First and foremost, as healthcare shifts from fee-for-service to value-based care, providers will have further reasons to improve the patient experience, track compliance, and control costs. In addition to advancing patient health and facilitating health, patient portals have the power to increase information efficiency, decrease duplication.

  • Promotion of Telemedicine

    Patient portals can also reduce the number of avoidable patient visits to your office, enabling you to more focus on patients who require to see you. This can help promote telemedicine, which allows patients to discuss with you by the messaging system. For example, rather than scheduling an appointment to see their doctor for a change in medicine doses, the patient could question you about it through the patient portal. This feature lets you have that appointment open for a patient who either has a sickness that requires analysis and medicine in-person or one who requires urgent medical care.


According to a paper from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), it was reported that over 90% of hospitals provide patients to obtain their medical records, with 72% of organizations providing patients full picture, download, and transfer capabilities. With that being told, for over half of these means, less than 25% of patients choose and use them.

Healthcare organizations are operating on appending extra tools and features, primarily to make more patients connected during their treatment process. With the adoption and use of a patient portal, your practice should see higher patient engagement and fulfillment, and a more streamlined workflow that conserves time and effort for staff and physicians.

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