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Telehealth from the Patient's Perspective

January 17, 2022 - Parul Saini, Webmedy Team

Telehealth and its use have seen a rapid increase across the world during Covid-19. The popularity of Telemedicine is likely here to stay, well after COVID-19 is under control.

With modern improvements in technology and a wider acceptance of telehealth, an increasing number of doctor visits are taking place virtually. Telemedicine proved to be life-changing for many people during the pandemic, especially for people who live in remote areas, need post-surgical treatment, require second opinions, or don't have easy access to specialists. It's also been a boon for those looking to better manage their health or avoid emergency room visits when dealing with chronic diseases.

Understanding Patient's Perspective of Telehealth

Technology development and the use of telehealth interventions for changing patient behaviors have greatly increased. As telemedicine becomes more of a commodity and this market space grows more competitive, it is going to be important to consider the implications and benefits from a patient's perspective. For the patient, the most important is the Quality of Care and Experience they are getting.

Here are some benefits of Telemedicine from a Patient's Perspective:

  • Reduced Exposure to individuals with Illnesses

    One disadvantage of going to visit the doctor is that you may encounter other people who are sick. Telemedicine eradicates that encounter and makes sure that you won't get anyone sick while you get the medical attention you need for your illness.

  • Cost-Effective

    Virtual appointments create less overhead for medical practices, so they're available at a lower cost than in-person care, even for individuals without adequate health insurance.

  • Availability of Specialists Anywhere

    When you need to visit a specialist, you may find yourself driving across town, or even to another city in more rural areas, to access the care you need. Telehealth puts a provider right at your fingertips, so you don't have to travel far to get specialized care. Virtual visits also make it possible to access medical care in inclement weather, outside of regular clinic hours, or while traveling.

  • Chronic Disease Support

    Another benefit of using Telehealth is the ability to remotely monitor chronic health conditions and transmit readings to your physician. This can eliminate much of the stress of managing a chronic illness as well as many of the associated costs and trips to the doctor's clinic.

  • Privacy and Security

    Well-established telehealth services use highly secure software, that ensures a secure connection for your virtual visits and safeguards the privacy of the patients by adopting required security controls.

  • Round the Clock Availability

    If you or your family member need medical care on weekend or in the middle of the night, your first thought will probably be to head to an urgent care center or ER. But Telemedicine services provide a more affordable and convenient alternative.

  • No Commute

    Visiting a doctor requires much more time than the appointment itself takes up. You'll need to drive to the doctor's office, sit in the waiting room, and drive home. With telehealth, there is no commute required. For individuals who use public transport, this can make care more accessible than ever. It's also perfect for working individuals who may not be able to get away from their workplace for an hour or two to see the doctor, as well as people living in rural areas where care options may be rare or far away.

Telehealth adoption is rapidly expanding, and as a result, patients (of all generations) are going to expect and look for these services. Providers need to understand these trends to move forward with this evolving healthcare landscape. Whether you are a primary care physician, specialist, or part of a larger healthcare organization, telehealth services have the promise to bring value to you and your patients.

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