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How appointment intake forms can streamline your practice's EHR workflow?

March 30, 2020 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

One of the difficulties of running any type of healthcare business is a large amount of information you are required to secure and maintain. Even small practices with single healthcare providers can have to deal with large volumes of patient health records, a fair portion of which includes patient intake forms.

Intake forms are unavoidable, but cumbersome and tiresome, particularly for first-time patients. Depending on the kind of care you give, your forms might be very long. Providers and their front office team know the frustration of the in-person intake form. Even though some patients could come 20 minutes ahead to fill out their paper forms, review the information twice over, and then give it over to the counter representative - this does not express the bulk of patients. Most patients, even if they come on time are not quick about filling out their forms, often leaving spaces blank or ignoring important information, and thus giving over a form with insufficient information. In-office patient intake forms delay wait times and make appointments to go late, giving both patients and doctors frustration. The solution to the problem of paper documentation is the online patient intake forms, which improves your efficiency, streamlines your workflow, and provides patient comfort.

Electronic Intake Forms - Conserve time, decrease costs and enrich your patients' experience

Online intake forms are a fabulous way to provide your patients with a head start on their paperwork. Just like skipping the line at your local Chipotle, your patients can fill out forms and upload the required information, like insurance cards, all before reaching in for their appointments. If you aspire to make the method even easier, you can use smart forms. These forms adjust to the patient's answers and discard unnecessary inquiries, which causes the process of less pressuring for patients and decreases the risks they'll make errors. Online forms do it simpler to check insurance information in motion and collect and prepare patient data. Smart forms clarify the method for patients by dropping questions that don't connect to them.

How Electronic Intake Forms can help you and your patients?

  • Correctness

    The online patient intake form serves to increase efficiency by providing patients an opportunity to finish their forms from their home by their device. This allows them to use their own time when filling out the form, reviewing over whatever they are filling out as they fill it out. If they skip a piece of information, they are home to resemble it up. With in-office patient intake forms, there is a different step in the process that increases the possibility of mistakes in the patient's chart. After the patient gives their forms up to the front office team, the staff member is required to incorporate the information in the form into the patient's Electronic Health Record. It is in this step that faults are often done for several reasons. Those reasons include things like a patient's writing being tough to read or the stress on the front office team to perform a large number of tasks in their time.
  • Workflow Effectiveness

    The burden of work on the front office team makes up the next advantage of the online patient intake form. The online patient intake form decreases the cumbersome workflow that the front office team often undergoes. With the patient intake form now being finished at the home of the patient from their computer or mobile device, the front office team will no longer have to copy intake information as they will be uploaded into the patient's electronic health record where the doctor can evaluate the information at any time. This newly available time the front office team will have can be used on more important activities to smooth your day-to-day office workflow.
  • Patient Satisfaction

    The third advantage of the online patient intake form is patient comfort. This has to begin with the fact that patients are less frustrated by the decrease in delay times of their appointment. Patient satisfaction also increases because patients are able to thoroughly review their information with the online intake form. Paper forms can often be frustrating when a patient may earlier be running late to an appointment that is in the midst of their hectic schedule. But if they could have completed this step before of time, their difficulty level will be limited and they are more prone to enjoy their appointment with their doctor.
  • Conserving Time and Money

    Automating your intake process reduces labor and supply costs correlated with paper-based methods. No more further scanning or copying your patients' forms. Additionally, putting digital patient information in your hard-drive, not part of your EHR system is not desirable.
  • Privacy and Protection

    Dealing with the patient's private data can be a big headache. You want to ensure you are complying with laws (HIPAA, PIPEDA, etc.) and eliminate those harsh penalties. That's an extra reason for using an EHR platform with automated patient intake forms, which can deal with the mandated technical specifications, while you concentrate on giving importance to your patients.

Physicians who use the online patient intake form see substantial improvements in efficiency, their office productivity rises, and their front office team now has less burden of dealing with appointment loads. Finally, patient comfort increases when patients do not have to worry about a frustrating round of paper intake forms when all they actually desire is to visit their doctor and be seen for the medical concern for their appointment. Reduce wait times, increase patient satisfaction, and enhance your practice with online patient intake forms.

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