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What are the Regulations on EHR in India?

June 30, 2020 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

The Information Technology Act 2000, Data Privacy Rules and Regulations in India describes the tasks and duties clearly. These are very comparable to International Legislation, be it the Data Protection Law such as the GDPR in UK/EU or HIPPA in North America.

While exposing the National Health Portal, The Government of India has come forward with rules for Electronic health record standards in India. The document suggests a set of criteria to be followed by different healthcare service providers in India so that medical data becomes transferable.

India is setting up a National eHealth Authority (NeHA) for standardization, storage, and transfer of electronic health records of patients as a component of the government's Digital India program. The goal is to guarantee security, confidentiality, and privacy of patient data. A centralized electronic health record repository of all citizens, which is the final goal, will assure that the health history and situation of all patients would always be accessible to all health institutions.

EHR Standardization Goals

  • Improve interoperability.
  • Promote the development and up-to-date preservation of adopted standards.
  • Develop technical innovation utilizing approved standards.
  • Promote participation and adoption by all merchants and stakeholders.
  • Deposit implementation prices as low as moderately possible.
  • Consider best practices, skills, strategies, and frameworks.

EHR Standardization Key Points and Requirements

  • Personally identifiable data including health details should be held private except there was a constitutionally justifiable reason to breach confidence.
  • The patient holds their data, not the health provider.
  • At all times, patients should have access to their data.
  • As a health care provider, a physician or the clinic in India is accountable for processing and saving the data securely.
  • Data should be protected and not tampered with for the least length of time as directed by the current law.

Plans to Improve Healthcare in India

  • The Twelfth Plan

    The government of India has a Twelfth Plan to increase the National Rural Health Mission to the entire nation, known as the National Health Mission. Community-based health insurance can help in giving services to areas with disadvantaged people. Additionally, it can assist in highlighting the duty of the local government in providing free resources.

  • National Rural Health Mission

    To prevent the problem of a shortage of professionals in rural areas, the government of India expects to create a 'cadre' of rural doctors.

  • National Urban Health Mission

    The National Urban Health Mission as a sub-mission of the National Health Mission was established by the committee on 1 May 2013. The National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) operates in 779 cities and municipalities with populations of 50,000 respectively. Thus, the mission concentrates on extending primary health assistance to the urban poor.

  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana(PM-JAY)

    Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JE) is a front initiative of the government to assure health coverage for the poor and underprivileged population in India. This action is part of the government's way to make sure that its residents - especially poor and weaker groups, have access to healthcare and quality hospital services without encountering financial burden.


Data is a growing currency equivalent, and India has the power of becoming the global center of this ecosystem. Health data possibly holds the key and Electronic Health Record adoption is a precious opportunity for creating a future-ready person-centered health system that the rest of the globe could follow. In this course, a national standardized EHR is an important first step.

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