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Social Benefits of EHR

June 18, 2020 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

EHR has numerous benefits for healthcare and care providers. But have you ever wondered how can EHR benefit socially? EHR has many social benefits, want to know more? Continue reading this blog.

EHR can improve public health and population outcomes. By collecting data in an effective way that can be shared across multiple healthcare providers, EHR can assist in improving the quality of care and population health. If you are a healthcare provider or an EHR user, then here is what you need to know about the social benefits of EHR.

  • Improve healthcare and reduce stress

    By de-identification and aggregation of data, more valuable data can be used for research. Demographics of diseases, patterns of the spread of contagion, and many other factors can be traced and accessed more quickly through the adoption of EHR and interoperability.

  • Promote public health reporting and monitoring

    By making it easier for your organization to assemble standardized, systematic data, EHRs enhance your reporting abilities. Through syndromic monitoring data submission, immunization registries, and electronic lab reporting, providers can send public and population health data to public health officials. With access to this data, public health organizations can better monitor, check, and control diseases.

  • Improve public health and wellness

    With electronic health information of patients you serve, you can better take care of their health and wellness. Providers can notify their patients about required immunizations, send reminders to patients for precautionary/follow-up care, and communicate/educate their patients about health topics.

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