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How AI will impact healthcare

December 18, 2019 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ready to become a life-changing force in Healthcare.

How AI-driven tools can affect health providers and patients?

You are using AI in everyday life whether you are aware of it or not. AI assists you in discovering the perfect movie on Netflix. Shows trending stories on your personalized Facebook feed and plays your favorite music on demand through Amazon's Alexa.

AI is becoming more involved at doing what humans do, but at a faster rate with more accuracy and efficiency and at a lower price. Artificial Intelligence has improved both patient experience and health care efficiency. Applied sciences like - neural networks, deep learning or natural language processing, pattern recognition can sound complicated, even horrifying, for non-technical. But in reality, AI technologies are simple that can cause an immense change in medium and small-sized practices.

AI has numerous advantages over the traditional method of analytics and decision-making techniques. AI has endless applications in healthcare. Even if it's used for discovering links between genetic codes or even to enhance the healthcare efficiency or to work on surgery, artificial intelligence is renovating the latest technologies that can anticipate, grasp, determine and can take action.

Now computing power can recognize and figure out large and small trends in data sets. The term Artificial Intelligence introduces computer algorithms that can challenge tasks completed by humans.

At World Medical Innovation Forum (WMIF) 2018, Partners Healthcare presented the artificial intelligence; demonstrate new technologies and areas of health care sector that are going to make a huge impact in the health care industry in the coming decade.

Here we have pointed out some ways how this transformation is presently in progress.

Diagnosis of cancer

According to UK Cancer Research Magazine, over 17 million cancer cases were diagnosed across the globe throughout 2018. The same research suggests there will be 27.5 million new cancer cases diagnosed each year by 2040. With cancer, the key to successful treatment is catching it early. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of AI in diagnostics. Using neural networks and machine learning algorithms, early detection of cancer is possible.

Detection of disease at an early stage

AI is now used to detect diseases, like cancer at an early stage with more accuracy. The use of AI has enabled the review and reading of mammograms with 99% accuracy and 30 times more quickly and hence reduced the need for unnecessary biopsies.

The generation of patients wearable united with AI is being used to keep one's eye on early heart disease which enables physicians and healthcare to monitor better and recognize possibly serious problems at a better treatable stage.

Better Diagnosis

Watson from IBM is serving the healthcare industry to join intellectual technology to open the door of a huge amount of health data. Watson can analyze and holds more medical data - medical reports, symptoms, case study and discharge summary - at a faster rate than humans.

DeepMind Health from Google is helping clinicians and researchers to unfold real-world medical problems. This technology consists of machine learning neuroscience to develop powerful learning algorithms in neural networks that will mimic the human mind.

Better Decision Making

AI is improving the care provided to the patients by assisting the healthcare, with the correct and timely decision. The predictive analytics supports clinic decision making and actions also it arranges administrative tasks according to priorities.

Pattern recognition is used to analyze the patients at risk of generating a situation-degrade lifestyle due to environmental or other factors - this is another area where AI is ready to take hold in the medical industry.

Improved Treatment

Besides filtering health data to help physicians to identify chronically sick patients, who may be at serious risk, AI also helps physicians accept a complete approach for the management of disease, better coordination, and better care plans, also help patients to manage better and observe their long term treatment plans.

Robotics is used in medicine for more than 30 years. Robotics consists of a simple laboratory robot to the more complicated surgical robot that can assist human surgeons as well as can execute surgery itself. In addition to that, they are used in clinic labs and hospitals for different tasks.

Healthcare Research

The pathway from any research center to the patients is a costly and long one. It takes around 12 years for a drug to reach patients from a research lab according to the California Biomedical Research Association. Out of 5, 000 only 5 drugs that start preclinical testing at the end make it to human testing and out of these five only one is ever accepted for patient usage. Further, it will cost a company an average of US $359 million to discover a new drug from the research lab to human usage.

One of the recent trends in AI is drug research and discovery. By including the latest trends in AI to sort out the drug discovery and drug repurposing transformation, there is a possibility to significantly cut down both the cost and the time it takes to reach the market for new drugs.

Now Healthcare is evolving and the latest technology is playing a vital role in that change. The growing population and expectation of having a longer life will put more pressure on the health care industry. There is a need to find out smarter and effective methods for better health services.

Although, you can see the advantages of the introduction of AI and technology in the healthcare industry. Out of ten, four patients are willing to be engaged with technology in healthcare. 30% of patients from the UK are willing to have their surgery to be assisted by AI. AI can make a huge impact on the healthcare industry in terms of wellness and finance.

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