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Role of Healthcare Marketers in Improving Quality of Care

March 20, 2021 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

The quality of care is very significant in Healthcare. It's something that anyone around the globe can't disagree with. In the last few years, the healthcare sector has started to shift towards a value-based care model, putting greater emphasis on holistic methods to care and developing patient outcomes at a lower cost.

To achieve this healthcare industry must make sure that they are regularly measuring quality care as well as maintaining efforts to proactively engage patients and doctors within the healthcare network. Patients are now more interested in getting involved in their healthcare journey and knowing what you do and how you do it?

It's important to develop an efficient healthcare marketing plan to reach and educate new and existing patients.

What is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing is an integrated part of sustainable growth for a healthcare organization. Healthcare marketing is a method of developing market and communication strategies to reach potential patients and improve the quality of care by developing an open line of communication between providers or healthcare organizations and their patients. Healthcare marketing explores new areas and seeks to deliver valuable content to the patients using social media, websites, SEO, advertising, and many more.

What is the Importance of Healthcare Marketing?

The importance of marketing in the healthcare industry is to advance and execute marketing strategies geared toward involving and educating patients on their healthcare journey through SEO, digital advertising, website, content marketing, and more.

Patient-centric marketing is the most effective marketing, as it focuses on patients, who they are, what information they needed and establishing a know, like, and trust relationship. The healthcare sector is evolving quickly and patient education and information are quickly shifting to the forefront of focus.

The healthcare world is competitive, and as local competition rises and large hospital systems come into the mix, the more challenging it can be to stand out and sell your medical services. Healthcare marketing strategies help you to stand out from the competition by increasing your visibility. Another reason why healthcare marketing is important is that an efficient healthcare marketing strategy can give you the ability to reach potential patients and position you as a thought leader in your specialty.

Healthcare marketing helps to increase your patient's connections and sustain those relationships to form long-term, loyal patients. Good healthcare marketing plans lead to better patient management and better management leads to booming practice. The best way to guess how healthcare marketing works is to think of the patient as a customer. Customers have countless options to choose from, so why should they choose you? Your marketing strategy should display the answer to that question.

Some Vital Healthcare Marketing Statistics

  • According to a study, 88% of those searching for health information start with search engines.
  • 48% of patients research before fixing an appointment.
  • 57% of baby boomers have searched for healthcare and wellness information.
  • Potential patients look for these important areas while researching a doctor or medical practice:
    • 94% - reputation of the facility.
    • 90% - insurance acceptability by the facility.
    • 86% - recommendation by another physician.
    • 85% - use of latest technology.
    • 51% - recommendation by friends or family.

Advantages of Healthcare Marketing

  • Will Enhance the Patient Base of your Practice

    That is what it is all about, right? Bringing and engaging patients and improve patient engagement. Adequate healthcare marketing services should do just that.

  • Make Your Doctors Thought Leaders in Healthcare

    Getting your doctors included in the marketing initiatives through storytelling and video is a great way to allow them to generate thought leadership in their field of expertise. This will make them a trusted advisor in the eyes of patients and enhance the likelihood of a patient prefer them over a local competitor.

  • Expand Local Physician Referrals to the Practice

    Improving the local reach of your brand should and will result in an increase in new patient referrals to the practice from other local primary care and specialty doctors.

  • Improve Patient experience

    With the use of healthcare marketing strategies, patients get not only the top quality medical care but can have an overall wonderful experience, with the availability of continuing education resources, patient portals, reviews, and much more!

  • Improve Reach of your Practice

    Healthcare marketing has generated new avenues to reach patients, share patient journeys, educate the public and patient base, and so much more. Doctors can now reach the masses with patient education and highlight themselves and their brand as thought leaders. As more patients turn to online resources for healthcare, the more ability you have to capture new leads than ever before.

In addition to drawing new patients, healthcare marketing executes tracking and analytics. Tracking and analytics reports can give you a full 360-degree view of where your marketing efforts are most profitable and what you need to do moving forward to scale.

Top Healthcare Marketing Strategies to reach Patients

  • Build a website for Patient Experience.
  • Local SEO starts with Your Google My Business.
  • Your reputation matters, invest in Patient Reviews.
  • On-Page SEO Starts with great content. Some tips for On-Page SEO:
    • Add the focus keyword at the front of your title tags.
    • Keep your URLs short and include your keyword.
    • Most treatment pages should be over 500+ words.
  • Digital Advertising is extremely effective in targeting the market.
  • A patient email address is still extremely valuable. A few great tips for building your patient email list include:
    • Hosting a webinar.
    • Paid advertising funnels like quizzes and assessments.
    • Offering downloads and ebooks.
    • Offering exclusive subscriber content.
  • Telemedicine and Online Appointment booking are a must.
  • Physician's Listings are important for Local SEO.
  • Analytics and Tracking are key to an effective Healthcare Marketing Strategy.


Hospitals and healthcare organizations can strategically leverage consumer, patient, and physician insights to build long-term relationships, personalize care, and drive engagement. Eventually, these initiatives help to enhance the quality of care, boost health outcomes, and finally establish patients for life.

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