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Managing User Accounts

Primary User Account

The primary user account is a special user account that is created for the owner of the account.

The username for the primary account is the same as the account ID.

This user account always has the role of "Administrator". Additional roles can be added or removed based on your needs.

The primary user account cannot be deleted.

As a security best practice, the primary user account should be used to create additional user accounts for day-to-day operations and associated with roles based on the level of access that they need.

Additional User Accounts

You can create as many user accounts based on your needs. However, there is a limit on the number of user accounts with role Provider based on the subscription plan.

You can associate appropriate roles to users based on the level of access that you want to grant them.

Additional user accounts can be deleted.

It is advisable that you only associate the role of "Administrator" to users that will be performing administration tasks since the "Administrator" role has full access to all parts of the system, including the Security section, which allows them to change and remove user passwords and accounts.

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