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How Video Marketing is influencing the future of Healthcare?

December 1, 2020 - by Parul Saini, Webmedy team

Video marketing is now influencing all industries, and you may be left behind if your company is not using it. If you want to bring more audience to your website, give your products and services more visibility, create more exposure, then video marketing is one of the best methods to engage your target audience.

Introducing your practice has many advantages. Video marketing gives the healthcare industry a chance to authentically connect with patients and educate them on how to live a healthier life.

How Can Video Marketing Be Used to Educate and Attract Patients?

Videos can be a highly effective tool for teaching, and if there's any sector that benefits from this kind of personal interaction, it's healthcare. Doctor's offices and hospitals tend to feel cold and disconnected. By using video marketing, you can make patients feel more connected. Here are some types of videos you can make to attract and educate your patients:

  • Testimonials

    Everyone loves to hear a success story. Testimonials connect with people on an emotional level, which helps patients trust that healthcare organization. Procedural information videos can explain the verbally step-by-step process of how things work. Potential patients that are more educated are more likely to take the desired action you want them to take based on the information that they have learned.

  • Welcome Videos

    Effective healthcare marketing keeps patients informed and makes sure they remember important information without having expensive or dedicated staff or making time from a busy schedule.

  • Profile Videos

    By introducing the people behind medical degrees, you can connect with potential patients. Including a physician's profile video on your healthcare website is a great way to introduce physicians before a patient visits your office. If a healthcare organization can make it easier to connect with doctors, potential patients are more likely to schedule an appointment.

  • Promote Patient Feedback

    Who can explain your services better than your patients themselves? Testimonial videos can help people make informed decisions about the treatment or facility. With videos, you can convey emotions and sincerity much more effectively rather than written content. Therefore, showing a patient's real journey using video content is a great way of connecting with your prospective patients. Ultimately, this can help nurture relationships and helps you to stay at the top of your potential patient's minds, increasing the chances of them choosing your practice over a competitor.

Tips for Video Marketing for your Medical Practice

  • Create Video Content that makes you Stand Out

    Creating Medical content for your video can inform patients about your practice and give them useful information about services and what makes you different from others. It gives your prospective patients a chance to meet you before actually meeting you in person. Introducing yourself and your team to patients will be beneficial in helping them to choose you.

  • Quality is Key

    A great video is the one that attracts the target audience. If your audience doesn't enjoy your video, then what's the point of making a video? Hence, when you are making a video, focus on your target audience and their likes and dislikes. This is your private practice that is being viewed, so quality is the key to video success.

  • Don't Limit Your Video Content

    You don't have to limit your videos to introduction and services. You can also make a testimonial video and a walkthrough of your office showcasing the inside of your practice. Testimonials are a great way to show viewers real clients giving good feedback about your specialty. A video of your practice can also ease a patient's mind by letting them know what kind of space they are going to visit. Live videos or a Q&A series video also makes for great marketing content. The best way to keep your patients engaged is to post live videos. You can do a question & answer session to help patients solve their problems.

The healthcare industry shouldn't just use its videos on its website. The Healthcare industry should utilize social media also. Creating a YouTube channel is an excellent way to show your content to the masses. It's easy to share and access, which makes it a vital marketing tool for any healthcare organization. Videos can give you access to a vast range of audiences. Engage your audience and they will not only share your video with others but also spend more quality time on your website.

Healthcare is an ever-growing and changing industry. With video marketing, the healthcare industry can connect with their potential patients and at the same time show their personal side.

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