Collaborative Healthcare in the Cloud

posted on 2 April, 2015 by Webmedy Team
ehr cloud collaboration

Healthcare today has a diverse array of stakeholders - physicians, hospitals, insurers, government, employers and consumers. These stakeholders need to work collaboratively to provide the best medical care to patients.

How does collaboration help?

Collaboration reduces medical errors, and improves healthcare quality while lowering costs by avoiding unnecessary duplication of services.

How does Cloud provide Collaboration?

Cloud has the potential for infinite computing power and storage and can provide the backbone of collaboration. Data can be analyzed effectively and seamlessly shared between different parties to create work flows that never existed before. Cloud can reduce unnecessary duplication of services and shorten delays in providing critical services to patients.

Cloud based collaboration allows teams, separated by specialty, institution, or geography to work together. It enables sharing of patient information among both affiliated and non-affiliated providers and gain by leveraging predictive analysis, diagnosis tools, and real-time second opinions via the Internet.

Finally, the most promising aspect of cloud collaboration is that it could enable medical devices (MR, ultrasound, and PET/CT machines) to seamlessly connect to the cloud and provide valuable data for analysis that could transform healthcare of the future.

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